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Progress Kindergarten is a community managed kindergarten operating in Ascot Vale. We deliver a vibrant play-based learning curriculum though our sessional three year old Progress Activity Group and four year old funded Kindergarten programs.

Our enthusiastic teaching team is supported by a Committee of Management and an active Kindergarten community.

Families interested in Progress’ programs are encouraged to contact us for a tour.

Progress Kindergarten
Progress Kinder Indoor Activities
Indoor Activities
Progress Kinder Painting
Drawing & Painting
Progress Kinder Outdoor Activities
Outdoor Activities
Progress Kinder Classrooms
Social Classrooms

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Stay up to date with all of the exciting news and events happening at Progress Kindergarten by checking out our quarterly newsletter ‘Kinder Kapers’.

Published each term, we provide our community with news from our Kinder Group Programs, our Progress Activity Group program, from our Committee of Management, reports on special events etc.

Look out for the more recent copies of our ‘Kinder Kapers’ newsletters on our website soon!